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Are you new to Saint Mark?

We are happy to receive you as visitor, member or even future minister.

Here are some impressions others have made about our Parish.


What kind of Parish is this?



Saint Mark is a relatively small Parish but with a lot going on. We have about 1,000 active parishioners and one priest. The recent change of demographics in Venice, has brought a great variety and vitality into the neighborhood.

Saint Mark Parish has a vibrant school with almost full enrollment and a strong focus on its Catholic identity.


Diverse and Spirited

The Gospel of Saint Mark is astute, direct and to the point, which may as well be a good characterization of the spirit of the Parish. It is well-grounded. The Sunday liturgies have a differentiation of musical styles. Visiting priests contribute also to a variety in presiding and preaching. There is a lively and well-established Hispanic community in the Parish.


Whenever there is a need, the community steps up. This was especially shown last October when Covid caused food insecurity for many families in the neighborhood. Partnering with local agencies, Saint Mark built up an impressive Food Pantry, giving out weekly more than 10,000 lbs of quality food, every Saturday.



Saint Mark is a learning community. Religious Education is offered for all ages and stages of initiation. Our goal is always to become Missionary Disciples. The Parish is exploring every possible way to help parents in their task to be their children's primary faith formator.


A Spiritual Home

Saint Mark has been around in Venice for almost a hundred years. Many generations have left their imprint on the current community. Its parishioners have always had a great sense of ownership of their Parish. For a relatively small community, many ministries are active and the Masses are well attended. Saint Mark is a place where the faithful love to return, even after they have moved out of state. For them, joining again at the holidays is like coming home to a family.


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