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St Mark Church

St Mark Church


In 1923, St. Mark Parish was founded by Archbishop Cantwell with Fr. Michael Lalor as the first pastor. Initially, it began as a small wooden structure on Victoria Avenue. Later that year, on December 17, the first mass of the St. Mark Parish was celebrated.





On January 6, 1924, Ludovico Agusto Kelly received the first sacrament of Baptism within the parish. Soon after, on January 26, William L. Talbot and Frances L. Nelson were joined in marriage by Fr. James Ott and became the first entry in the marriage register.

In 1952, the present site on Coeur d’Alene Avenue was chosen and building commenced. This building of the new church and rectory, where it stands today, was completed in 1955, renamed the Deacon Compean Hall.

St Mark School

When St. Mark first began with the school, its pupils attended St. Clement’s school with the help of parents and parishioners who assisted with transportation.

In 1949, St. Mark School opened in bungalows purchased for use as classrooms. On September 12, 1949 the Sisters of Holy Name took charge of the school with Sr. Assumpta as Principal. At this time, there were 145 students.

A few years later, in September of 1953, St. Mark School opened its mission style structure in its present location. The dedication of this new school building took place on October 25, 1953. In 1973, St. Mark School celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation.